Sioux Falls – Tech Pints

Last night we had the first “Sioux Falls – Tech Pints” events at WoodGrain, Brewing Company in down town Sioux Falls, SD. The premise of the event was to gather together people interested in the Tech / Tech Startup Scene in Sioux Falls.  The first event was a bit of an experiment; an attempt to get some grass roots momentum in the start up scene.  I was only expecting a few folks to show up, but in the end I would estimate the number of people who showed up to be 20+.  The events was attended by founders, engineers, local business owners, investors, and other folks interested in technology start ups.

We all met some folks we didn’t know before, shared startup war stories, introduced about our businesses, talked technology, and discussed the state of the startup scene in Sioux Falls. Topics of discussion included increasing growth, getting investment, solving hard technical problems and new business ideas. There was at least one introduction that may have resulted in a new business idea getting off the ground, which is great.

We will definitely be holding subsequent events.  I am not sure how the event will evolve over the coming months. I am personally passionate about tech startups, but I also want to be inclusive of the entire startup and entrepreneurial community.  Anyone is welcome whether or not you are in a tech startup, non-technical business, part of a non-profit, university, or government group.  Anyone interested in learning about, joining, supporting, investing in or otherwise being part of the Start Up scene is welcome. Last night was a great success, but I’ll be contemplating how to improve the event over the next several weeks.

The most promising thing was that, people seemed engaged, passionate and very interested in helping each other out.  There were a lot of ideas being exchanged.  People became aware of each others journeys, and were genuinely interested in supporting each other.  Thanks to all that were able to attend, we hope to see you again at the next event, and hope that next time you bring some new folks and introduce them to some awesome people.