Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship Names Brienne Maner as Executive Director

I’m happy to share that board of directors for the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship has selected Brienne Maner as it’s new executive director. I had the opportunity to serve on the hiring committee for the position and I’m excited about the energy and passion that Brienne will bring to the organization. Brienne’s community building skills, organization leadership skills and marketing skills will be immensely helpful in building Zeal as the true “center” of entrepreneurship in Sioux Falls. I look forward to working with her and the Zeal team to grow the startup community in Sioux Falls.

Here’s the press release that Zeal has issued about Brienne’s hiring:

Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship names Brienne Maner as Executive Director
SIOUX FALLS— The Board of Directors for the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship announced today that Brienne Maner has been named as the organization’s Executive Director.

Karla Santi, Chair of the Zeal Board of Directors and CEO of Blend Interactive, said that Maner’s experience with nonprofits and track record of promoting businesses and fostering connections make her a great fit for the organization. “We are excited to have Brienne share her passion for small business and the entrepreneurial community as we lead Zeal into our next phase of growth. Her strong sense of community lends itself well to supporting our vision to create a thriving hub of entrepreneurship,” said Santi.

Maner is a well-known presence in the local business community. She most recently served as Vice President for Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc., and is active in promoting small businesses and fostering connections. As Executive Director, Maner will lead Zeal staff in promoting and driving entrepreneurship throughout the Sioux Falls area. Her responsibilities will include operational leadership, strategic planning and execution, entrepreneurial programming, and community and partner relations.

“Serving the downtown business community for the past seven years has been an absolute inspiration, and I am thrilled for this opportunity to continue serving the great city of Sioux Falls and its many innovative entrepreneurs through my new position at Zeal,” said Maner.

Joe Batcheller, President of Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc., expressed his support for Maner in her new position. “I have no doubt that Brienne will be a force for positive change for Sioux Falls, and an invaluable asset to Zeal and our local entrepreneurial ecosystem,” he said. “We look forward to further strengthening DTSF’s relationship with Zeal.”

Maner will assume her new role on May 24.

About Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship:

Zeal was established in 2004 through a partnership initiative between the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sioux Falls Development Foundation through Forward Sioux Falls. Its mission is to foster entrepreneurship by providing a dynamic environment to grow emerging businesses.

Karla Santi
Chair, Board of Directors, Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship
605.275.8000 | [email protected]