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The Accountability Summit: Getting Business Done in 2020

September 25, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 3:00 pm UTC-5


Imagine your work days consistently used to build your business, develop your team, and achieve your professional goals. Your team is unified, focused and aligned. You rely on them to deliver an exceptional customer experience because they are solidly accountable to the company goals and to each other.

The Accountability Summit is a workshop-style event that invites team collaboration while developing your 2020 business strategy and plan to execute it. By the end of the session, you will have achieved the following:

  • a visual culture gap map and accountability chart providing directional focus and alignment of your company’s core values to your organizational competencies and business priorities;
  • your team’s culture type preferences;
  • an understanding of team dynamics and how each person is impacted by change;
  • your business strategy and accountability commitments for 2020

Session 1: Optimize from the Inside-Out

Maggie Owens (Human Capital Consultants) will illustrate your current state business and help build your future state. You will identify why your business strategy often fails to bring about your desired results. Through guided activities, we’ll illuminate blindspots and eliminate the complexity that keeps your team operating from chaos and confusion. Ultimately, Maggie will help you diagnose your organization and set a directional focus for 2020.

Session 2: Culture Types

Meg Manke (Rose Group International) will guide you through the results of the Culture Type Assessment that you and your team will complete prior to the event. This makes the development of your Accountability Plan meaningful to you and your team, because it is *about* you and your team. It will allow you to see each other through a new lens and lean into your strengths.

Session 3: Guiding & Implementing Change

Dr. Rachel MK Headley (Rose Group International) will lead you through the best way to have more time by accelerating change and transitions. You will learn how to communicate with your team based on their Culture Types, and how to best strategically plan to move through change quickly and with increased engagement and improved outcomes.

Session 4: Accountable in 2020

Owens, Manke, and Headley will support your team as they work through challenges, issues, and goals to create an Accountability Plan for 2020 that will see you achieve your goals, implement big ideas, and create peak performance in your organization.


Who are the keynote speakers?

How many people should I bring from my team?

As many as you like! This is an incredible opportunity to bring members of boards, executive teams, front-line supervisors, floor leads, department heads, or any members of your team involved in critical aspects of your organization. We are limiting the total number of attendees, so grab your spots early!

Will there be coffee/food?

Yes, we will be supplying coffee, snacks, and lunch at the venue, which are included in the cost of your registration fee.

What is the format?

We are not here to talk at you – no one wants that – including us! We’ll have you working in your teams as much as possible after going over the concepts and tools that you’ll be using.

Also, be ready to have some fun. There is nothing worse than grinding out professional development in a boring conference room (or worse ballroom!) where you’re freezing in an uncomfortable chair with nowhere to set your very much needed source of caffeine. We’ll have a laugh at each other, at ourselves, and frankly at the situations that we can find ourselves in. This session is empowering and intensive, but the time will fly as you apply and do the work. By 3pm your head will be filled and your heart will feel grateful. After 3pm, we’ll gravitate to a Happy Hour networking event for those who wish to stay.

Can I come solo?

Please do! The sessions will be highly valuable for those coming either with their teams or as solo entrepreneurs / directors / creatives. It is an incredible day for self-awareness and learning how to leverage your own energies while influencing others.

Have you taught this stuff before?

We are not your typical triad! Maggie, Meg, and Rachel agree absolutely that most strategic plans are not worth the paper printed. We oppose dry and uninspiring meetings and material. We’ve delivered this content thousands of times, changing the people and organizations we serve. So yeah, we know what we’re doing. Register your team now to reserve your spots. Then caffeine-up and hold on for the ride, because we’re taking you and your team to the next level! 2020 – let’s crush it!





September 25, 2019
8:00 am - 3:00 pm UTC-5


R Wine Bar
322 E. 8th St.
Sioux Falls, SD
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