Support Startup Sioux Falls

As of 2019, it costs approximately $2,000 per month to run the in-person events of Startup Sioux Falls and pay the contractors which create content (articles, newsletters, podcasts) for Startup Sioux Falls. If you are interested in supporting the work of Startup Sioux Falls, you can make a contribution through our Patreon page.

For Individuals:

If you run a smaller business or just want to pitch in a few bucks to help Startup Sioux Falls fulfill its mission of empowering people to take the next step toward financial freedom through the power of entrepreneurship, you can contribute as little as $1.00 per month toward the cause.

If you happen to be a “super fan” of Startup Sioux Falls, you can contribute $20.00 or $50.00 per month and get some extra perks. If you contribute $20.00 per month, you will receive a Startup Sioux Falls t-shirt. If you contribute $50.00 per month, you will receive two free t-shirts, priority access to Startup Sioux Falls events and other benefits. Learn more.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

If you represent a business that is looking for some exposure to small business owners and entrepreneurs in the Sioux Falls community, we have two sponsorship options that are now available through our Patreon account.

First, we have a corporate sponsorship tier that costs $150.00 per month. For this price, your company’s logo will be placed on the Startup Sioux Falls homepage, in each weeks’ email newsletter (which is read by more than 1,500 Sioux Falls business professionals) and on the pinned announcement post of the Startup Sioux Falls Facebook group.  Your company will also receive a shout out at in-person Startup Sioux Falls events and a personalized shout out on Facebook when your company first becomes a patron.

We also have a premier sponsorship level for companies and individuals that want maximum exposure to the Startup Sioux Falls audience. In addition to the benefits of being a corporate sponsor, you will also receive 10 free Startup Sioux Falls t-shirts, have your company’s logo featured on the Startup Sioux Falls Facebook banner, be interviewed for an article on the Startup Sioux Falls website, and be listed as the sponsor of an episode of the Sioux Falls Startup Stories podcast each season.

You can learn more about different ways that you can support Startup Sioux Falls on our Patreon using this link:

Please note that Startup Sioux Falls is not currently a 501(c)3 non-profit. Startup Sioux Falls is currently operated as a break-even division of American Consumer News, LLC. Please also note that Startup Sioux Falls Founder Matthew Paulson receives no personal financial benefit from Startup Sioux Falls sponsorships.